SME POWER enhancing Energy efficiency in Smes

City of Heinola is currently participating in SME Power project which is an European partnership seeking to improve the energy efficiency of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) in Päijät-Häme Region by improving policies and exchanging best practices and experiences.

SME POWER’s overall aim is to ensure that public policy for the low carbon economy is better adapted to the needs of non-energy intensive SMEs, thus enabling them to be a key driver in the low carbon shift at European level. The objective is to investigate and improve policies, support and funding relating to energy efficiency, particularly those affecting smaller, less energy intensive businesses. The first 36 months involve learning exchange across the partnership and developing an action plan, with the remainder of the project being used to implement and monitor the success of the action plan. Local and national stakeholders will play a key role in the project and engaged throughout.

The project is led by the Resources Recovery Regional Agency in Italy and the partners are the Durham Conty (UK), European Institute for Innovation (Germany), Local Energy Agency Spodnje Podravje (Slovakia), Regional Public Energy Entity of Castile y Leon (Spain), Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (Ireland), Innovations and Management Centre Clg Ta Westbic (Ireland) and Heinola City.

Funded through the Interreg Europe programme, the total budget of  SME POWER is EUR 1,519,868, from which the share of Heinola amounts EUR 191,840. The project started in August 2019 and is due to run until July 2023.

Further information:

Heikki Mäkilä, Head of Business and Vitality Unit, City of Heinola

Tel. +358 44 769 4141

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